So the beloved sleeper train is to live on past June, thank goodness, and will be managed by the Scottish government.  No political comment here.

It’s a very important option for both staff and our clients who want to work in London but not fly, whether due to fear or an environment commitment, or both.

At present the operation is making a loss, though it’s not clear enough to me that the Covid period isn’t distorting this.

The calls for this to be a cheaper option are an interesting one. At £45 for a seat to get to London, it’s on par with a flight. At £140+ for a bed and your travel it’s on par with a flight and a budget hotel.

I do hope we’re not going to see an excellent service that is already economically challenged fall foul of pricing that makes it politically attractive and entirely unsustainable. Time will tell.

Either way its jolly good it’ll be around for a while, not least as we tend to buy the 10trip passes- otherwise we’d need some serious day trips between now and June to use them all up!