A few articles have arrived on the BBC website regarding the wind sector contribution to UK energy use, which are very interesting reading.

The contribution from wind to our energy consumption is a significant one. Over the last few months we have seen a significant increase in activity in the sector, with more approaches than ever before, and projects which have previously been discounted are coming back on stream. All of these require grid connection, and this is a constant consideration and concern we hear from clients and potential clients. 

To be viable, the three things we always consider from the outset are the need for planning permission, funding and grid connection. What we are seeing now is that the planning and funding are happening relatively swiftly, but the grid capacity is a constant discussion and often where a scheme falls down.

If we are to meet the net zero targets we have set, we need to get this element of the infrastructure running as swiftly as possible to make real progress. These projects are significant, and take years to come to fruition, so the more barriers we can remove to the right projects, the faster we will transition to a greener energy future.