Since the signing of the Paris Agreement at COP21, I have remained close to the outcomes and developments from each COP, none more so than COP26 (hosted by my hometown Glasgow!).

As the dust begins to settle on the recent events in Dubai, I have reflected on what took place. My overarching takeaway is the feeling of leadership, hope and some despair as a lot of work still needs to take place if we are to achieve what was set-out in the Paris Agreement.

We need more ambition, accountability and action (my 3 A’s) from all businesses, but especially from SMEs. Positively though, 22,000 companies now have climate based targets which is triple what we had pre-COP26. 

I have written an article looking at the implications from COP28 for businesses, and how we at Saffery can help support creating sustainability-driven and net zero strategies, whilst turning these ambitions into actions.

COP28: what does it mean for businesses? - Saffery