We've known for some time now that a General Election was imminent, but the government have somewhat shocked the public by announcing a vote which will take place in five weeks' time.

Right in the middle of my favourite sports week of the year, I will now be taking time away from Wimbledon, the Euros and the British Grand Prix to head down to the polling station to cast my vote in what will become the most important political week of the year.

With Labour tipped to take a majority government for the first time in nearly 15 years, we should all be prepared for change.

Both of the main parties have said that the existing ‘non-dom’ tax rules will be essentially scrapped, with a new regime taking its place. My colleague Alexandra has perfectly summarised the potential implications here: New tax regime for UK non-doms - Saffery. These changes will impact not only those who are non-domiciled, but also possibly Brits who spend a lot of time outside the UK or are returning from an extended period away from home. This may well include some of the UK’s best known sports stars.

Other changes might not be so drastic, with the Labour party recently taking a more central approach to many of their policies. Either way, taxpayers should be prepared ahead of the election and ready to act swiftly.

More guidance and advice will now naturally start to appear, so watch this space.