Touring can be the most profitable part of being in a band for some high profile artists – and the most fun! Unfortunately, making money on tour post-Covid has left some musicians and bands out of pocket. 

The hidden costs of touring that are often forgotten aren't the production visuals or the entourages, its the ever increasing insurance costs, the unforeseen local withholding taxes, social security, together with professional costs associated with correct immigration and visas.

Post-pandemic, it's exceptionally hard to place the essential ‘cancellation tour insurance’ that most bigger venues will insist on, at a reasonable price.  

Most countries have also now become stricter on the immigration and social security paperwork that is expected when an artist and their crew arrive to play a gig, creating another cost before artists even set foot on stage.  

Each country visited will also be expecting their slice of the profit by taxing the artist at source on their gross performance fees.

We advise many artists, from stars in the making to high profile musicians, and over the years we have seen the paperwork requirements get bigger and the profits get lower.